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Shada TV is religious TV Channel. Religious programs are the part of the main transmission . Now onwards,  TV Channel has started providing current affairs programs.

Moreover, Its official site has many stories related to wars. The war which is currently being held between Yemen, Syria and Libya.

Some other information related to Shada is as follow:
Programs which are currently running on Channel:

كلام سليمأفكار من قلب الحصارالتاريخ الاسودزهرة من حديقة النبوة – مع فضيلة الشيخ أبو البراء
أوراق صحفيةأمتنا واحدةرباط القلوب – مع فضيلة الدكتور شاكر أبو حطبسوريا اليوم

TV Channels Official Links:


You can tune this channel in your home or anywhere you like with access to the Internet.

Watch Shada TV Amman Live Streaming Online

Watch Shada TV ( قناة شدا الحرية ) live from Amman Jordan. Wait as the stream loads.

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